The furniture series consists of a table, a bench and a stool. It was designed to work in a variety of different spaces and environments. Some suggested uses of the furniture series are for meeting rooms or in the kitchen. The table, the bench and the stool can also function on its own as a desk or dining table, a side board or a side table.

The series’ unusual feature is the extra panel underneath the table top which provides a versatile additional surface area.

Each piece of furniture consists of one top panel, one extra surface panel and four legs. All single parts are slotted together and then fastened with connecting elements.

Panels: Melamine coated plywood, white
Edge: Sanded plywood or with ABS edge (bicolour) curry / grey
Legs: Solid oak
Table weight: 25 kg
Bench weight: 14 kg
Stool weight: 4 kg

Manufacturer: pliet – New Furniture and Lights

Design: Dominik Lutz 2012
Fotos: Uwe Gaertner