Ken Garland | Connect

The interactive installation CONNECT is based on the famous game by Ken Garland and Robert Chapman from 1969.

The installation at Y8 consists of 70 square panels with straight lines or quarter circle arches in blue, red and black on both sides. The different motifs can be put together in many different ways.

As part of the exhibition, two yoga classes were held daily. After each session, the students rearranged the boards. This process was photographically documented throughout the exhibition.

Material: aluminum composite panel
colored vinyl foil
Format: 940 mm x 940 mm x 4 mm

Location: Y8, Kleiner Kielort 8, 20144 Hamburg
Exhibition duration: 16.04 – 16.06.2015

Curator: Dominik Lutz 2015
Photos: Klaus Frahm and Immanuel Grosser